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A couple kissing in the sunlight in Vizcaya Garden and Museum. Woman with long brown curled hair wears a white Reformation dress and modern heels. Man wears sky blue oxford shirt and navy blue pants with brown belt.
A couple kisses in the window of the iconic Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Gazebo overlooking Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida
A future bride and groom pose for a portrait captured by Miami wedding photographer Kt Crabb Photography
An ivy covered gazebo serves at the backdrop for a couple kissing on medium format film captured by Kt Crabb.
Kt Crabb photography photographs a recently engaged couple on the grounds of the Vizcaya Museum and Garden
A blurry moment of a fiancé surprising his love.
A couple walks hand in hand towards a large gate at Vizcaya Museum and Garden
A couple kisses in the garden of Vizcaya Museum photographed by Kt Crabb Photography
Captured on medium format film, a couple embraces and holds hands underneath the iconic oak trees of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
A fiancé looks at his future bride during their engagement session photographed by film wedding photographer Kt crabb Photography
A groom laughs at his bride photographed in black and white at Vizcaya museum and gardens
A couple walk hand in hand up a staircase at Vizcaya in Miami Florida
A couple kisses surrounded by tropical paradise at Vizcaya
A couple kisses on the grounds of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens during their engagement session with Kt Crabb Photography

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Spring Engagement Session – It was a swipe to the right that changed the fate of Erin and Jack. A quick decision through Bumble changed the course of history as these two set out on their first date together. Fast forward to spring of 2023 and the plans for their South Florida wedding, this coming fall is shaping up to be a dream day. Of course, it features a stunning tropical backdrop – a favorite vacation spot for the two.

Miami during spring break is not for the faint of heart, but it’s the weather is hard to beat when it comes to a springtime engagement session. Erin looked absolutely stunning in her Ginny Dress from Reformation. It complemented the picturesque scenery Vizcaya Museum and Gardens had to offer. The white was a subtle nod towards their coming nuptials and offered a little pop in contrast with the gardens of the museum.

Running around the garden felt more like a weekday outing with long-time friends. We relived stories of their first date, the butterflies, the nervousness, and ultimately the moment they fell in love. It’s always my hope to catch moments, simple glances even, that a couple shares with one another showcasing their deep connection. Vizcaya’s gardens were putting on a grand show with fresh leaves and foliage coating the grounds. It truly served as a wonderful backdrop to capture a part of their love story.

Are Engagement Sessions Worth It?

I am often asked if engagement sessions are worth the time. Throughout my career, I have never had a couple regret taking the time for themselves. Especially during a busy season of life and preserve memories for just the two of them. Pictures from my own engagement session fill our home with some of my favorite memories with my then fiancé – now husband. Similar to this Vizcaya spring engagement session, this experience is an opportunity I highly recommend to anyone!

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Spring Engagement Session

Venue | Vizcaya Museum & Garden | @vizcaya_museum

Dress | Reformation Ginny Dress | @reformation


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