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photo by: Kati Rosado

Beckylin & SteVen • Mt Rainier Engagement Session • Seattle Wedding Photographer • PNW Film Wedding Photographer


Mount Rainier Engagement Session

I often hear how couples have butterflies in their stomach or nerves before an engagement session. It makes sense, you have someone you recently met jump into your world and ask you to take romantic, cuddly and kissy pictures for an hour. On top of that, you don’t get to see how they look in real-time like you would a selfie. I get it, I truly hear you!

Let me reassure you that on my end, I thrive in this environment. It’s a familiar feeling. Like the kind of feeling you get meeting up for tea with a good friend. In my mind, we have lots to catch up on and chat about all while capturing a few portraits here and there. For Beckylin and SteVen’s engagement session, it was no different. Well, except for the hike up Mount Rainier! I have ventured around state and national parks before. All while exploring different terrain with my gear in tow, but adding in a new terrain a session always makes for quite the adventure.

These two made every bit of the journey exciting and easy! We chatted and laughed through their stories of meeting, dating, moving to a new state and planning a wedding on the opposite side of the country. We stood speechless in front of the landscape around us and marveled at the rapid changing temperatures and clouds. Capturing the love Beckylin & SteVen share on the peaks surrounding Mount Rainier was an experience I’ll never forget, and one I’m so thrilled to have been present to document.

Time to Say “I Do”

And today, well today is the day they say “I do”! Beckylin and SteVen have patiently been planning out this day for years and I can’t believe the day has arrived for their marriage to begin! What a beautiful way to kick off 2020!

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To God be the glory!

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