NYC Central Park Engagement Session

These two have a love story for the ages. It begins during their high school days during a university tour. I mean, out of 10,000 students, these two ended up in the same orientation sitting side by side. Thinking nothing of it, they went on their separate ways – graduating and starting college. Fast forward a year later and they were introduced to one another through a mutual friend. They chatted and quickly realized their conversation felt familiar. Not too soon after chatting, memories came flooding back to that first meeting in orientation. It seemed meant to be.

Almost 10 years went by after their first meeting when they found themselves deeply in love and enjoying day to day life in NYC. Often times, life in the hustle and bustle can cause one to be late. Or in this case, two to be late. Known for their tardiness, it was fitting that even on the day of their engagement, it would play a factor. Corey had it all planned out, the place (down to the exact bench), the time, the hidden photographer. Running a little behind schedule, they managed to make their way to Central Park when Corey began to get nervous. The bench he picked for their proposal was occupied by other park goers. He made random conversation about sea turtles trying to distract Andriana. Once the bench became clear, the conversation quickly changed. Corey dropped to one knee and asked Andriana to be wife! Of course, she said yes!

It was only fitting that their engagement session take place in Central Park near the very bench they got engaged. Clouds rolled in, but we made the most of the beautiful surrounding. Not hard to do when you have so many sweet memories in one place! Looking forward to photographing their wedding this weekend!


Location: NYC Central Park & The High Line

Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab


To God be the glory, always and forever!


Corey & Andriana • Central Park Engagement Session • NYC Wedding Photographer • Destination Film Wedding Photographer

photo by: Heidi vail

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