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Meet KT

photo by: Kati Rosado

Mommy & Me – McMillen • Orlando Family Photographer • Destination Film Wedding Photographer


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Celebration Florida Mommy and Me Session

My heart of hearts always loves a good wedding, but I think what I adore most is being welcomed into the lives of others to preserve some of the most precious moments they hold dear. It’s my joy and honor to be a to witness these love stories. So what brings my heart tremendous joy is not only being there to watch couples say “I do” to forever but being there to see their families grow over the years.

With this line of work, I also witness insecurities running high and people finding every excuse to remove themselves from images… “oh my hair isn’t just right”, “I don’t have any makeup on”, I’m not quite through my diet just yet”, and so on. Now, insecurities affect each and every person regardless of race or gender, but it’s often women who actually remove themselves from photos because of their feeling towards their appearance. It breaks my heart. If only they could see what I witnessed, maybe they would change their mind. I see the daughter’s eyes sadden because, to them, their mom is one of their favorite people – how could they not want a photo with them? I see sons unsure of what to say because, in their eyes, their mom is the standard of beauty. I see husbands reassure their wives that they look even more stunning than the day they met, but all these truths fall short of the insecurity and fear that holds these women back from sharing in these moments.

Now, when years have passed and these women have since left this earth, I can guarantee you that their loved ones would give anything to have one more photo with them. One more smile captured, one more imperfect and incredibly beautiful moment preserved forever. My hope is that with this Mother’s day season, you, yes you sweet momma finding a few spare moments to read this, may you be reminded that you are worth so much more than the style of your hair, the number on the scale or the makeup on your skin. You are precious, you are loved. And please, take that photo with your loved one TODAY, because you can.



Location: Celebration, FL 

Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab


To God be the glory, always and forever!




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