Have you had any wedding day dreams yet? You know the kind of dream that’s so incredibly vivid that you wake up in a panic thinking – did that really just happen? Am I married? I had several while planning out my own wedding day and I can tell you that not one included rain. In fact, when rain threatened my wedding day, I just simply didn’t believe it was possible because every vision of my day had been filled with sunshine. I know I’m not the only one that approached their own wedding day with this same vision.

It’s odd how clear my first meeting with Vicki and George still stands out in my mind. Not necessarily the setting, but one line, in particular, stands out so much to me that I can still hear the words filling the air, “…and our backup, just in case of rain…”. I was almost caught off guard thinking rain was simply out of the picture. Well, it was a good thing these two were prepared for anything because it did in fact rain on their Highlands Country Club Wedding.

With the rain softly falling on the solarium windows, Vicki and George said their sweet “I dos” and had their first kiss as husband and wife. There was so much laughter to follow. From the wedding party celebrating to family and friends reuniting, you would never guess the skies were gray by the attitude everyone carried around with them that day. In fact, Vicki and George were still all smiles as they stood under umbrellas for a few portraits. As the skies began to clear, a precious gift surprised all of us, a RAINBOW appeared! It peeked from behind the trees as the reception began and dancing ensued. Such a beautiful way to start a new chapter of life as newlyweds!


Garrison, NY