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Once Upon A Time…

I will never ever e v e r tire of hearing about how a couple met for the first time. Some couples push off their meeting as ordinary and simple. However, I haven’t come across a story that doesn’t leave my heart all a flutter at the very sound of it. To think, in all the world, something so simple – even a movie night at a friend’s house – could change the course of your entire life. It seems pretty extraordinary to me.

Erica and Kyle met while attending a mutual friend’s Christmas Movie Night. Just an “ordinary” tradition to bring people together to laugh over the brilliant lines of Home Alone and the silly antics of Buddy the Elf. (Fun fact: this movie night was at my brother’s house!). Fast forward from that night and these two were inseparable. Well, I guess as inseparable as two people can be living states away. However, the distance was no match for their friendship and budding romance.

Erica & Kyle’s Proposal story told by Erica:

After my PA school graduation in Boston, Kyle and I were road-tripping back to Florida and decided to make a few stops along the way. We stopped in New York to see my grandparents, in D.C. to visit my sister, and Raleigh, NC. From there we wanted to go to Tallulah Gorge in Georgia to hike and then stay in the small nearby town of Helen, GA. So we woke up early in Raleigh to drive down to Tallulah and get down to the gorge early before a lot of people got there. In my mind, we were just hiking that day so I didn’t put on any make-up, didn’t brush my hair, and threw on a hat.

She Said Yes!

We hiked all the way down to the bottom of the gorge and then had to go about a mile of rock-jumping to get to Sliding Rock which is this awesome natural water slide. We went a little bit further past it because Kyle wanted to show me this area he had hiked to before. It is such a gorgeous area and hike!

So we set up a small Bluetooth-controlled tripod with Kyle’s phone on it that he had just bought and took a few photos. Then I wanted to take a certain photo but he wanted to do a panorama video first so I agreed to wait. So he does the panorama, then puts down the video and starts walking towards me with a wooden box he handmade and carved our initials in. I was so caught off guard when he started walking towards me and got down on one knee.

It was an easy yes though, all day every day. 

Venue | Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, Gainesville, FL |

Film Lab | Goodman Film Lab | @goodmanfilmlab


To God be the glory!

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photo by: Heidi vail

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