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• How I Found My Wedding Photographer •



How I found my wedding photographer, booking vendors, wedding planning

If you have ever watch “Say Yes to the Dress” you have probably witnessed THAT moment where the bride discovers her perfect dress. Tears all around, silence and the little nod confirming it’s the one. Just like that moment of finding the dress, I knew when I found my photographer.


I sent several inquiries out, like I’m sure many of you have or will do someday. I asked an abundance of photographers, each who’s work has my heart. Their light, the captures, their uniqueness. People that inspire and I hope to be as nearly as good one day. Something was different when I received my photographer’s response in my inbox. I started to cry. I had opened up her portfolio and I lost myself in her images. Beyond that I began seeing myself, my (now) husband, my friends and my family in the captures she shared. If I could only have a glimpse of what she shared with me captured from own my wedding day, I would be one happy bride.

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So, to be honest, I didn’t have THAT moment finding my dress like I imagined. This also means that you might not have THAT moment finding your photographer. And that’s ok. There are many questions that surround each decision with planning your wedding. Did I pick the right vendor? Did I spend my money wisely? What if I’m doing this all wrong? I would encourage you to set aside the questions the Knot Magazine instructs you to ask. Go ahead, put the magazine away.

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 My best advice in looking for your vendors is to communicate as best you can. Just like in a relationship with a friend, communication is the key to being fully understood and treated with care. In the area of photography, what do you want to walk away with at the end of the day? What are the top three priorities for your big day? (people, details, dress, venue, candids, etc.). When you met with your vendor, did you feel like you can be great friends? Do you feel like this vendor is ready to gear up and give you their best? The images you’ve dreamt of, do they match with the consistent style of your photographer?

bride and groom sitting on a couch, vintage furniture, rental  My hope is that every client is well cared for to the best of my ability. Seriously! You can ask my husband! I return from every session and wedding saying I’ve just met the coolest people and I want to be best friends! From the depths of my heart, I really do care to the point that I experience tears of joy almost every wedding. That aisle walk gets me every time. To think you are saying forever to your best friend. Gosh, I want to give you my absolutely best to capture your commitment and celebration. Such a precious day to revisit and remember. I am continually learning what works best to communicate (it’s just as important on my end too!). I am tremendously grateful for each couple that has joined in my journey and invited me to be a part of their own.

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I wanted to leave this by saying…keep up the good work. I know it might sounds silly, but MY WORD wedding planning is HARD! Even with coordinators and friends helping with every decision, its just plain hard! I mean, not everyone major in event planning right?! Know that those late nights planning, sleepless nights worrying and tough decisions will be worth it soon. When your day arrives, it really be one of your best yet. :).





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