Hi! I'm Katie! I can't tell you how grateful I am you are willing to stop by the blog! It's my deepest desire to capture tangible love and share it with a world thats in desperate need of its reminder. I hope you leave here inspired by so many love stories and encouraged knowing that you too are dearly loved.  

Meet KT

photo by: Kati Rosado

• Best of 2014 •


Bride and groom, disney princess wedding dress, tampa, central florida, film, contax 645, fuji 400h, medium format, holding hands, blonde hair, blue eyesNational Park, Winter, Fall, bride and groom on bridge, river, waterfall, canon 5d mark iii, 35mmwife and husband nose to nose, veil over couple, sunlight, sunset, golden hour, canon 5d mark ii, 50mm 1.2, vsco, groom with glasses, diamond earrings, sun flareThe cathedral basilica of st. augustine, jacksonville, north florida, inside church, stain glass, wedding cake, the sugar suite, white, diamond, fondant flowers, monogram, purple uplighting old florida, oak trees, blanket, popcorn, vintage movie, date night ideaBoardwalk Hotel, Seagull, market lights, water, lake, woods, forest, trees, trail, pine needles, couple hugging, white sweater, brown long hairivory flowers, gold and ivory stripesgarden, foliage, florals, flowers, pink, couple sitting on benchgroom kissing bride on the hand, walking down the street side by side, navy, military uniform,black and white, digital, rings, close up, macro, zoomfather daughter dance, father tearing up, christmas lightsfamily, bedroom, white linens, grey walls, wood floors, floral blouse, Marina, boats, dock, ocean, the gulf of mexico, organza wedding dressbarn, chandeler, soft linens, white chairs, Lace Wedding, white wooden walls, big windowbouquet, white roses, olive leaves branch, silver shoes, heels, vows bookletcolorful wedding cake, fabric garland teal bridesmaid dresses, baby's breath bouquetsbride and groom sitting on a vintage couchVintage Movie inspired

getting ready, makeup, hair, classic lipsdancing, reception, line dance, green dress, curly haircolorful bouquet, ceremonyentrance into the chapel, bride walking with father down the aisle umbrellas, venue entrance, plam trees, rainy wedding daycouple kissing in limo, get away carfield, golden wheatcalligraphy, name cards, bride getting her dress onhipster couple

fire pit, smores, night sky, bubbles, exit, send offgroom getting ready, tying tiethrowing groom up in the air, all the single ladies, party, navy attire, hat covering couple kissing little baby girl, bow, green dress, brown curly hair, red dress, christmas portraitstuscany, italy, outdoor cafe, ivygroom crying from seeing bride for first timedip, elegant, white summer dress, 0_Blog_0641_Blog_0010_Blog_0491_Blog_0251_Blog_0081_Blog_0121_Blog_0101_Blog_0181_Blog_0191_Blog_0041_Blog_0381_Blog_0201_Blog_0621_Blog_0151_Blog_0551_Blog_0571_Blog_0731_Blog_0501_Blog_0791_Blog_0521_Blog_0031_Blog_0401_Blog_0301_Blog_0591_Blog_0361_Blog_0241_Blog_0431_Blog_0640_Blog_0311_Blog_0491_Blog_0091_Blog_0561_Blog_0221_Blog_0441_Blog_0761_Blog_0281_Blog_0371_Blog_0781_Blog_0721_Blog_0351_Blog_0611_Blog_0690_Blog_0031_Blog_0291_Blog_0271_Blog_0160_Blog_0341_Blog_0800_Blog_0171_blog_083


To GOD be the glory!





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  1. All so beautiful, Katie. I’m still swooning over our wedding photos <3

  2. Oh my, lady, You had an incredible year. So many beautiful photographs!!!