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Meet KT

photo by: Kati Rosado

• we’re moving for just a little while •


Hello Friends,


Ok, so you probably just saw the announcement on social media and want to know all the details. First let me start out by saying, we are only going to be gone a year. Here are some answers to common questions about our extended stay in Germany:


1. What is taking you to Germany?

Albert won the Fulbright Fellowship that will allow him to study at the German version of NASA (called the DLR). It’s a year long scholarship that offers an opportunity to advance your skills and knowledge while collaborating with a team in another country, gaining international experience. I am quite blessed to be able to join him in this endeavor for part of the time. Here is an article from UCF on his award (HERE).


2. How long will you be there?

The scholarship program will have Albert there from early August until July 15th(ish), so almost a full year. I am able to join him for a majority of the time, but will be back in the states for weddings October, November, a few days in December, and all of March). We will both be returning mid July 2015.


3.  When do you leave? 

We are flying out on August 1st. Yep, that’s 18 days away!


4. Where will you be living?

We will be living in Cologne (Köln) which is in the North Western part of the country. That puts us about 5 hours away from Paris, France (woot!)




5. Do you speak any German?

Very little. The Fulbright program, however, allows both of us to study German for the first month of our stay. The fellowship is encouraging us to know the culture well and fully immerse ourselves in the new environment. Dear goodness, I haven’t set foot inside a classroom in years! Back to the books!


6. What does that mean for your business?

It means business as usual. It means I am taking sessions and weddings abroad (anywhere in Europe) and in the US. It means that if you’re wedding is in the fall of 2015 in Florida, don’t fret, I’ll be back! I’ll still be busy in Germany with editing wedding and ordering prints/albums. It means that I’m still working just sitting at another desk in a different place than I am currently. I love what I do so this decision wasn’t taken lightly. Albert and I prayed over what the next steps would be for the business and how I can do my best to serve my clients. Trust me, many tears were shed due to the change, but I’m now full of butterflies and excitement over the possible growth of the company.


7. Will you be accessible?

Yes, I will still be able to access my emails and use my business number all the same. It’s actually a Google voice number, meaning it works on wifi & internet instead of a phone plan. Therefore, you can still reach me all the same ways you are able to currently.


7. Will you really come back after its done?

Yes! Albert is pursuing his PHD at the University of Central Florida (gah, he’s so brilliant!) and he needs to be present in Orlando to do so. We have dear family and friends in Orlando and we’re really big fans of America too :).

photo (5)

(4th of July in DC)


We are both excited and nervous about this quickly approaching adventure. We know it’s the right time and season of life to pursue such an adventure, but it certainly comes with it’s sacrifices. We hope you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we make this journey overseas. Don’t be a stranger 🙂 We’d love to hear from you!

~kt (and Albert)







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