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What to Wear for Your Engagement Session


I remember burning my finger a bit as I stood there curling my hair while staring at 4 different dresses. What on earth was I going to wear to my own engagement session, let alone my fiancé?! Time and time again I had been presented with this question as a photographer, but I had no idea how difficult it was to find the answer until placed in my client’s position. Funny enough, I ended up in a completely different outfit than what was laid out on my bed that day! Now I may not be able to sit beside you as you run through your closet or shop online, but here are some tips when it comes to selecting an outfit that works for your engagement photos!


Wear What Gives You Confidence

I know you know the one. It’s the one you can’t wait to wear for your next date night. It could possibly even be the one you can’t wait to show off on Instagram. It brings you confidence and that confidence is what I want to see you walk into your engagement session with. If you are trying an outfit on and sitting there nitpicking details in the mirror, it’s probably not the right outfit. All the nerves come out during an engagement session so it’s best to pair that experience with what makes you feel your best. Not only that, but you’ll be more focused on hanging out with your love than tugging at your dress time and time again.

What to wear to your engagement portrait session / kt crabb photography

I love how Alex’s BHLDN dress catches the light in this photo. Jay compliment’s her dress’s pink and purple tones with a classic chambray shirt and khaki pants.


Get Dressed Up

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to jump in front of the camera. Go ahead and make the most of it! Get yourself pampered with fresh nails and blowout. It’s also a great opportunity to schedule your makeup trial prior to the session. Just ask your makeup artist to tone down the look after the trial and you’ll walk away with a look ready for the camera! Be sure to confirm with your makeup artist prior to your session.

Lastly, finish the look with a glam outfit. Treat this as you would as any special occasion. If you and I don’t already have plans to grab a bite after, then book a dinner for 2 at that fancy restaurant you’ve been dying to try. It’s a wonderful chance to pause in the midst of busy wedding planning and just enjoy a sweet date night together. Need some inspiration? Here are some places to look for stunning outfits: BHLDN, Rent the Runway, ASOS.


what to wear to your engagement portrait session / Kt Crabb Photography

Vicki & George looking so romantic in front of the Singing Tower at Bok Tower Gardens


Keep It Simple

Let me be the first to say that floral prints and lace dresses are some of my F A V O R I T E S! Lord knows, if I could take Rifle Paper Co’s fabrics and make my own maxi dress, I would probably have 20 by now. But I want to touch base with you before you jump into any prints. They are not an end all for photos, just keep it easy on the camera’s eyes. Larger patterns and stripes are much easier for the camera to process than tiny prints like itty bitty polka dots and such. Secondly, it’s important that you and your fiance’s outfit mesh well together. Now, if you show up in entirely matching outfits, I WILL send you home to change…

It’s best to just stick with colors that compliment each other without going overboard :).

What to wear to your engagement portrait session / kt crabb photography

Adore Katie and Grant’s sophisticated style event down to their shoes!

Now some like to throw in an outfit change partway through an engagement session. I personally suggest keeping it to one outfit. That maximizes your session time for portraits rather than changing and allows you to focus on one complete look for the two of you. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about lugging around a bag full of clothes with you!

I’m always here to help with questions when it comes to outfit choices. I’ve also pulled together a Pinterest board full of ideas to keep you inspired.

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